It is the greatest challenge of our time - protecting our climate. Every day we are flooded with new information: Burning forests, rising sea levels, melting permafrost and ice caps are just a small selection of these.

On this website we would like to offer you a perspective and show you what we can do together against the rising temperatures on our planet. It is easier to take up a challenge when it is obvious what we have to do to achieve the goals. We cannot present the absolute solution to stop climate change here, but we would like to share with you some good news about climate protection and concrete proposals for action. 


Quick, simple and practical


Many people have realized that climate change is happening and that we have to do something about it. Sometimes the question arises whether it is already too late for that. Just to keep that clear: Every tenth of a degree Celsius that we can save, reduces the effects enormously! That is why every contribution is important! 


To make it a little more specific, here we've got a small list of things you can do for more climate protection. Just klick on the icon for more information:

What can we do?



1. Switch do greener energy

2. Save energy



3. Avoid plastics

4. Buy second-hand products



5. Eat regional and seasonal 

6. Reduce animal products



7. Fly less

8. Travel more eco-friendly



9. Save water

10. Drink tap water



11. Reduce the consumption of products 

12. Avoid returns when online shopping




13. Choose sustainable investments for your money

14. Take part in public activism



15. Further possibilities...


To protect our climate, we have to act together. It is necessary that we convince lobbyists and politicians that climate protection is our most important concern. Everyone should act as climate-friendly as possible. But we also need the legal framework so that companies can also work as climate-friendly as possible without having to fear business disadvantages.


This planet will continue to exist without us, maybe even better. 

But for our and the future of the coming Generations, we have to act now!

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