Eat regional and seasonal 

This step sounds easier as it is. Try to buy one week only products from your region and season. Does coffee or tea grow in your region? And what about all the different fruits we love? Mango, kiwi, pineapple, oranges or bananas? It is really difficult to eat only regional and seasonal and it depends on your region, of course. But try to reduce the amount of exotic products during the whole year. That saves energy and water and is an important step into a greener future. 



Reduce animal products

Nobody needs meet every day. It is not healthy for your and also not for our environment. So please reduce your consumption of animal products. Did you know that making butter produces more CO2 than making beef? And beef isn't environmentally friendly either. The production of 200 g beef causes 2.5 kg CO2,  200 g potatoes only 0,08 kg and 200 g bread only 0,12 kg. For the everyday use just keep this in mind: Animal products and more elaborately processed foods usually produce more CO2. 

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